asOne Software Technologies provide safe and digital Archiving for your Information and documents:

Satisfies Legal Admissibility
Preventing Manipulations
Protection against Loss
Long-term Storage of digital Information
Less Workload on Databases, File Systems
     and E-mail Servers







asOne eArchive Server and 2Charta DMS replace Ceyonic archive
asOne and Advantic agree upon cooperation

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asOne is among the leading companies for digital archiving

The main product asOne eArchive Server is a document repository for digital archiving and can be used in any branches. asOnes software solutions are established at the market since 1995. One of the largest electronical archives, including more than 200 million archived documents, is being used in an investment bank in germany with asOnes technology. Beneath numerous middle class companies like banks, assurances or public administrative departments / authorities, Global Player like ABB, Linde, Siemens, Bayer, KPMG and Union Investment archive their documents and information solid with the help of asOnes technologies.

Software developers integrate asOne technologies for secure digital storage into many applications:

  • Digital Archiving / ElectronicRecord Management
  • Document Management
  • Email Systems
  • Groupware Systems
  • Content Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Web Content Management


  • e-Commerce
  • e-Banking
  • e-Government
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting Software
  • (...)


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