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00.00.0000     asOne shows a pragmatic solution on Gemany´s DMS EXPO 2001 exhibition (hall 3, stand 3107)

The asOne will demonstrate on the DMS EXPO from September 26 - 28 how easy digital information can be stored - in a safe way: The new asOne ContentStore allows secure storing and fast retrieval of any digital information. The solution complies with the high demands on legal admissibility for digital information and prevents against manipulation and loss.

This Windows add-on can be introduced and implemented within hous. Everyone who is familiar with the basic functions of the Windows Explorer will be able to work immediately with the asOne ContentStore. This comes with a minimal installation: The client PC only requires a small space of a few KB´s. “Conventional systems are far to complex and expensive for the average medium-sized company. However, the simple to use asOne ContentStore meets exactly the demands of these companies, or even the demands of departments only“, explains Klaus von der Linden, CEO of the asOne. That is the reason why many companies prefer the pragmatic solution of the asOne, especially with regard to the upcoming new German tax legislations in 2002 that claim legal admissibilty for digital information.

With the asOne ContentStore legal admissibility can be archieved within a very short time. Right after completing the installation process any application on the client is ready to store its data the safe way. For example, the user can enter index data to a new document for easy retrieval and then send it to the storage device using the same commands he is already familiar with. The index data window can be customised in many ways. An additional advantage is that separate applications e.g. for retrieval are not necessary because the product connects itself to the operating system and uses the build-in search functions. The solution fits seamless into the Windows environment and the user does not need to start another application whenever he requires safe storage.

An evaluation version of the asOne ContentStore is availale on the internet at German users also have the option to test the application online in a pre-configured way that represents a typical customer installation.

With this solution the customers remains flexible for the future: Groupware, e-Commerce or any other application can be added to the asOne system. The asOne ContentStore has the same features as the asOne Document Server (which is in fact embedded), but has on top a build-in user interface that can be controled without training. The asOne Document Server is an asOne software for the secure and efficient storage of any digital information. Using the online testing the user will be actually connected with an asOne Document Server installation at asOne headquarters. The system is known as one of the most stable and powerful systems on the market and is capable of handling up to 255 billion objects.

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