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00.00.0000     The new German tax legislation claims that digital information has to fullfil the requirements of legal admissibility. That has initiated a discussion on how this can be achieved. In the focus are now asOne technologies for asOne has specialized in that field and has a rich experience. No wonder, many inquiries have reached the asOne especially from software developers. "When talking to them it often turns out that many are not aware of the consequences the new tax legislation brings" explains Uwe Meyer, Director Sales. "Especially developers of DMS and accounting software have shown a heavy demand".

"Out in the market many already know that legal admissibility cannot be achieved by simply shifting files on optical media" Uwe Meyer continues. "Most of today´s systems allow burning of cd´s, any pupil can do that. In fact, legal admissibility goes far beyond"

The asOne is highly specialized in storing digital information that meets legal admissibility. "We can assure our customers that once they give a digital document in our hands that this document is stored safe and meets all the requirements of legal admissibility. We detect and file any manipulation attempt" continues Uwe Meyer. "What many do not consider: the new tax legislation contains sophisticated demands" adds Klaus von der Linden, CEO. "The asOne is providing the right technology that meets the demands and enables software developers to make their products comply with the new legisation. Acually we do this since many years"

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