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00.00.0000     Archiving requirements of new German tax law and new alternative to established DMS and Knowledge Management systems in focus of interest

The new German tax legislation includes requirements for digital archiving which affects almost every enterprise. Germany based asOne is a well known archiving specialist and informs about this issue at CeBIT (Hanover, March 13. - 20., 2002). asOne particularly addresses medium-size enterprises as well as software developers and system houses. On the stand of asOne partner PLASMON in hall 1 (7n14) the complete asOne product range for enterprises of any size and industry is presented. It comprises solutions for revision-safe archiving and fast retrieval of digital information, as well as solutions that reduce the workload of data bases, file systems and email servers. Three quarters of the presented products are CeBIT premieres and show the latest asOne security technologies.

Among them a complete system entirely build up from components of Microsoft and asOne will be shown. It represents an interesting alternative to established DMS and Knowledge Management systems. The solution is based on Microsoft´s new Sharepoint Portal Server and the asOne Document Server providing everything a typical mid-size enterprise requires.

The proven asOne Document Server is one of the most powerful archiving systems on the market. It communicates with any application through an easy to address API interface. The asOne document server provides safe long-term storage of digital information and protects against manipulation and loss. The system operates on the server level and is thereby invisible for the end user.

With the asOne ContentStore a solution is presented which is additionally equipped with input windows to enter archiving and retrieval data. The solution integrates itself automatically into all applications which have the “save as...” option available. The software can be operated without training by the end user. An average mid-size enterprise is able to introduce it company-wide within hours.

More and more business processes are executed through e-mail only. With the asOne SecurityStore for Exchange asOne offers a solution for the secure storage of e-mails without delay at the time of entry. Both asOne SecurityStore for Exchange as well as the asOne ContentStore are premieres at CeBIT.

Also the new asOne OnlineBackup for Exchange celebrates CeBIT premiere and will be presented in public for the first time. The solution adds a permanent back up feature to the wide-spread email server Microsoft Exchange. Most enterprises run back ups only once a day, usually in the evenings. However, this leaves a gap of nearly 24 hours where e-mails can get lost. asOne prevents this and ensures that an event chain can be continuously documented.

The products of asOne not only allow the safe storage of digital information, they also reduce the workload on the IT infrastructure. asOne removes the bottleneck from file systems and data bases because asOne technologies are capable to administrate up to 255 billion objects on a constantly high performance level.

As a manufacturer asOne develops software which is universally applicable in contrast to other systems. It follows the component ware approach that enables an enterprise to set up a best of breed system with sub systems from different suppliers.
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