asOne Document Server and 2Charta DMS replace Ceyonic archive

asOne in positive mood after DMS EXPO EUROPE

00.00.0000     Bielefeld, 11th September 2002. At this years DMS EXPO EUROPE in Essen, Germany asOne earned a lot of interest and commendation of their partners, Microsoft partners who ship the connection of the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server with the asOne eArchive for SharePoint Portal Server, as well as end customers, who like to use the SharePoint Portal Server and also look for an Archive connection.
The focus in this area is on the transparency of the installation of the SharePoint Portal Server, due to it´s advantages in use:

- simple installation
- no additional client installation
- the end customer uses the SharePoint Portal Server for archiving and retrieval exclusively
- no massive administration for an additional authorisation concept

Interest in asOnes´ eArchive for SharePoint Portal Server was also supported by other archive system resellers, as they declare the concept of middleware for interesting and thereby no project specific programming needs to be created, but rather fall back on practice proved technologie.
Owing to middleware a new market segment can easily be developed by these resellers and their customer base can be provided with an archive connection to the Share PointPortal Server to an existing archive system.

Due to the demand and the interest in asOnes´ eArchive for SharePoint Portal Server, asOne demonstrates the choice of the right technological approach.

asOne SecurityStore for Exchange has been another attraction for many fairgoers beside the asOne eArchive for SharePoint Portal Server. Convincing again is the technological approach to integrate the mail archiving functionality directly into Exchange/Outlook, to release the Exchange Store and to secure the system. The user will not notice this functionality and he will not loose any of his functional activity attributes.

asOne like Microsoft develope products to be used in every kind of business. asOne´s software enables you to store digital information revision safe to secure for manipulation or loss. Independent accountants attested the asOne´s technologies to a great dimension of revision safe, since transfer and media errors are recognized instantly. In conjunction with the SharePoint Portal Server from Microsoft a complete system, particularly ment for middle class, originates.
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