asOne Document Server and 2Charta DMS replace Ceyonic archive

00.00.0000     Bielefeld, Frankfurt. asOne, specialist of developing digital archiving software technologies and LORENZ Orga-Systeme are able to book another success of their cooperation. The archiving system from Ceyoniq could successfully be replaced in a huge health insurance.

In this project all archived documents placed on the Ceyoniq Archive-Server were adopted and are now available in the new solution tony user. Hence a few weeks more than 400 users work productively with LORENZ Orga-System´s DMS System 2Charta together with the integrated archive backend asOne Document Server.

The whole project was professionally managed by LORENZ Orga-Systeme in a very short time. Besides delivering the software technology asOne was able to import the know how of developing low-level server services and to develope the export functionality for the Ceyoniq Archive-Server.

This replacement is another argument for effective long lasting cooperation of both companies. Both products 2Charta and asOne Document Server harmonise brilliantly. One of the largest electorincal archives with more than 200 million documents archived is being used with 2Charta and asOne in a german investment bank.

asOne and LORENZ Orga-Systeme will exhibit at this years CeBIT fair. asOne in hall 11 F41 in cooperation with Advantic and LORENZ Orga-Systeme in hall 1 booth 9a 4 at Plasmon and hall 11 booth F 63 at Prosoz Herten (Enac-Europe).

About asOne:
asOne is one of the leading manufacturers of basic technologies for digital archiving. The asOne Document Server, asOne´s key product, is an universal and industry independent document repository for digital archiving. Software solutions of asOne are established in the market since 1995. One of the largest electronic archives with more than 200 million archived documents is operating with asOne technologies in an investment bank in Germany. Next to numerous middleclass businesses, banks, insurances and public administrations authority companies like Global Player as well as ABB, Linde, Siemens, Bayer, KPMG and Union Investment archive their documents and information dependably with the certain technologies of asOne. Further information about asOne at:
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